Shadowman Tackling System


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Shadowman Tackling System

Is the most realistic open field tackling system in the Football Market. Shadowman's unique tacking system allows players to improve their tackling with or without kit. The Shadowman can be transformed into a dynamic tackling system working in a pair with one player towing the dummy. The dynamic element of this great product enables it to be used for head up tackling, angle tackling and pursuit tackling which no other tacking system can offer.

  • Constructed from Heavy Duty PVC Tarpaulin with unique bladder system
  • Shrinks down to fit in a 18" x 14" x 14" box for transportation
  • Set up from box in just 3 minutes
  • Made in the EU

Click Here for a variety of drills, that The Shadowman allows you to do safely

Click Here  to see how to set up The Shadowman

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Shadowman Tackling System

Shadowman is the most realistic open field tackling system in the Football Market.

For the first time ever you can replicate a game time tackle in practice, safely!

Gain an advantage over other football programs by tackling more often, more realistically, with or without pads, all season long.

Great for training other football specfic techniques safely, such as cutting and tackling from behind.